Tuesday, April 6, 2010

Back in my groove.....

So life has been a little crazy the past few months. Time seems like a distant dream. In my spare minutes here and there, I find myself web surfing and reading articles , trying to absorb as much relevant info as possible for the upcoming year. I must say, I have read a lot and I feel like my knowledge continues growing exponentially as far as destinations, techniques, and BIG fish are concerned. I've met and talked to a ton of sweet peeps whose mountain of knowledge continues to impress me. This year, I hope to put some of that info to good use. Typically at the beginning of each year, I make these silly goals pertaining to flies, fish and destinations. Last year I accomplished most of my goals and a couple that I hadn't planned on tackling. First and foremost,...... I caught some DANG nice fish on a MOUSE!!!!.....To me this truly was "the year of the mouse" and one of my greatest fly fishing highlights of all time.....The crazy thing is, as I run the past year through my head, many other fantastic trips jump out at me. I figure I would throw out some other crazy goals for 2010 as the semester comes to a close and I feel I will be able to finally wet a line...

(Disclaimer: I know it's April and the year began more than three months ago, but for those who really fish, you know the "real" fishing year begins when Scofield begins to thaw and the river.......begins to flow....)

1) Tiger Musky AND N. Pike on the fly. (Newton and private pike pond)
2) Fish a streamer A LOT! (SculpinZZZZZZZZZZZZZZ BABY!)
3) The Green River (Can you believe I've never fished it?!!! I can't!)
4) Steelhead in Idaho (This would have been done this weekend if it weren't for a test...ARRG!)
5) Chinook in the summer (I love Idaho... Did I mention I love it?)
6) 24 inch brownie ("Alright I didn't mean it but...Yes I did, I said it!"
7) Enjoy watching my Daughter reel in innumerable fish on the fly (Gunner, you'll soon be old enough buddy)
8) I almost forgot, an 8lb largemouth is also on the agenda :) (Oh yeah baby, I made battle with her last year and she conquered.... She's mine!)
9) Brownie on a mouse (Go ahead and check 22in Cuttie off the mouse list.... I'm still smilin)
10) Remain sane as I try to juggle life, school, work, an obsession, and most importantly, my FANTASTICLY SUPERB family.

Ps.... I recently accepted a job at Rainy's Flies taking care of business as their "in house" sales rep for Alaska, Canada, BC, and some eastern states around Virginia..... I'm still learning the ropes, but talk about an atmosphere! I get paid to talk to guys about flies and fishing! WHAT? Good times.........