Thursday, September 16, 2010

A lot to catch up on.... happened.... I slacked for a while. Life has been so stinkin' busy lately! Our relay is finally over and I have super sore legs and a weird lung problem to prove it. Back to fishing.......

Forever ago I fished Sevenmile across from the cabin and slayed the brookies. It was a super good time and I caught over 100 on a single.....that's right, ONE...tan Rainy's Grand Hopper. Talk about a well constructed fly! I also caught some nice fish on a foam beetle. It was sweet. I caught my two best brookies ever (out of this particular system) the largest of which was caught on a streamer, but it was too dark to get a pic :( It was a fun trip. Check out the milk steaked fins.......... All I need now are some cookies!

Last week, Paul and I hit up some of his local spring creeks. He pulled out his big net when we left to go and I jokingly said, "I hope we need that." Little did I know.......... He landed this 22in HAWG on a chunky chernobyl!!! (black and green). Nice fishy Paul..... He's mine next time. Oh! I almost forgot, I hooked and lost a fish on a Grand Hopper in the same size category as Paul's fish that jumped and gave us a sweet look. You can bet that I'll be back to get him in the dark...........with a mouse.

Speaking of mice.... Paul and I shocked up a 13" fish this week in RHF of the Logan River that had not one but TWO massive mice in its gullet. Cooler than Frazzles in wintertime. What a studly little brownie. Did I mention it was only 13 inches!!!!

Well, that's all for now, but stay tuned for dark....moonlit... eerie pics of monster browns and bows with hairy rodents hanging out of their mouths.

Still smilin.........