Friday, February 5, 2010

Winter in Idaho and Montana.......

So I figure that I would write a little about whats been going on the last little while. I haven't been fishing hardly at all due to the FREEZING weather around here. Last weekend however that all changed as we packed up and headed to Idaho and Montana for a little winter fishing. Rich and I fished just below the dam on South Fork for a few hours on Friday morning. It was somewhere in the ballpark of 20 below zero but we still managed to pick off some nice fish. Rich battled with a 21+ inch cuttie but lost it due to the lack of a net. (Joe get on it) I landed a monster brownie and many 16-18in cutties and bows. We then headed to Henries Lake to stay in the cabin. Snowmobiles were on the agenda and we had a good time. He headed up to Montana on Saturday morning to fish the Madison and as soon as Rich found the bows we slayed em consistently for an hour or two before we had to head out. We had a bunch of doubles and of course, Rich lost the big one......thanks Rich for a good time.

Remember..............snow and lethargic trout are only temporary......


  1. Good times bro! Can't wait to get out around here if it ever warms up. Pie ad tie next week?

  2. Man looks like you had a good time up there. Nice fish!