Saturday, May 1, 2010

Blacksmith Salmon Flies

I got up early this morning to enjoy a brisk trip on the river. I parked in a campground just past Left Hand Fork at about 6:15am. After flipping a rock near shore it was obvious the salmon flies were moving toward shore. One single rock had 25+ monster nymphs under it! I started fishing a Rowley Stone... I lost it along with a rainbow warrior my first cast. I decided to fish a rubber leg stone that I tied with pickle chenille and another r. warrior. On my next cast after the dreaded re-rig, I spotted a brownie lie tight to the bank below me. I tried to get a good drift straight below me, but my cast train wrecked and everything piled up about 5ft short of my target. The line straightened, however, and the nymph's rubber legs came alive as the fish swam 2+feet upstream to grab it. It was a sweet take. The action was hot on the rubber leg with an occasional heavy white fish on the bead. After about 10 baby brownies, a baby bow, and a few nice white fish, I spotted a little brownie across the stream, hugging the bank. I made a check cast to test distance then shot the pickle into the small window in front of the fish. The nymph slapped hard and I was surprised it didn't spook Mr. Spotty. He assumed the opposite and aggressively attacked! He put up a good fight for a Blacksmith baby of a brown. To make an already long story short, I had a great time catching my fill. The sight fishing was an added bonus as well..... The smile is wide. Yes Joe........the poo stick actually catches fish.

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  1. I'm jealous, looks like you had a great morning on the river. This means that for the next month... or more probably, the stone fishing should be killer up there! We'll have to hit it up sometime for sure.