Monday, April 25, 2011

Another year gone....... the new bucket list!

So it's late April and it's been a full year since I made the 2010 bucketlist.... Here's how it all went well as the NEW BUCKET LIST!!!

1) Tiger Musky AND N. Pike on the fly(Still workin on this one..... LOTS OF FOLLOWS!)
2) Fish a streamer A LOT! (I got this done, catching some sweet fish on dungeons.)
3) The Green River (Been there, done that.......and WOW what a river!)
4) Steelhead in Idaho (Did it........when the river was chocolate......sucked:()
5) Chinook in the summer (Never made it up.....)
6) 24 inch brownie (CLOSE! SO CLOSE!!! I'll keep this one on the list as well)
7) Enjoy watching my Daughter reel in innumerable fish on the fly. Gunner, you'll soon be old enough buddy. (Awesome, I love watching Addie set the hook!)
8) I almost forgot, an 8lb largemouth is also on the agenda :) (Not eight lbs but I caught a hawg that anyone would be proud of. See post in May 2010)
9) Brownie on a mouse. Go ahead and check 22in Cuttie off the mouse list, ( ADD rainbow to the list. Yeah baby!)
10) Remain sane as I try to juggle life, school, work, an obsession, and most importantly, my FANTASTICLY SUPERB family. (Difficult, but I'm alive aren't I?)

2011 Bucket List
1) Tiger Muskie on the fly including one on topwater
2) 24" Brownie
3) Crystal Creek
4) Win a new Sage Rod (on wait, I already did that!)
5) 27" Carp
6) Double dry hopper landed
7) 25" Henry's Lake hybrid
8) Get my dad out on the Green
9) Slough Creek
10) Fish stillwater...... (I suck at stillwater.)

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  1. Great list! I'll have to join you on most of those again this year. Winning the Sage rod might be a little tough;)