Monday, August 3, 2009

Idaho: Henries Opener, mice included!

We got there late saturday afternoon and jumped in Rich's boat (his wife has a cabin on the lake with a dock) Rich had already caught some 4-6lb fish earlier in the day. Right off the bat rich hooked up and addie reeled in a nice Cutbow and things were looking good. After another couple hours of nothing but CRAZY wind, we decided to head back for the cabin. :( Rich and I decided to go try to worm the outlet of the lake below the dam before dark..... We walked up to the river, skeptical, and cautious.....not knowing if there were any special regs on the river (about the size of 2 diamond forks.) We each threw in our first casts on a bend hole and immediately I saw rich's first hybrid cutbow explode out of the water! Nice fish pushing 20 inches. My first cast drifted through the hole and I felt the all familiar "ding, ding" I set the hook and the fight was on. We both about died when we got it close enough to see! 22 inches of BRIGHT red male Native Cutthroat!!! HOLY CRAP twas sweet. Bitter sweet I should say.... no camera or phones that night.... So next day being sunday we went to church and then sat around enjoying the bounty. That night we got thinking.....what if we were to go in the morning before light with our fly rods and throw mice patterns???After all these fish are BIG! So that next morning at 4:30 am found Rich and I at the river with mouse patterns tied on.... We started casting across and downs stream then stripping them back accross the top of the water......Next thing I know we are catching freaking 20-22 inch fish on MICE!!!!!! It started getting lighter and we switched to giant white zonkers...... same story, except on the zonkers it was EVERY CAST for 45 minutes straight!!!!!! After that we noticed beds (redds) from the spawners and rich had a fish hit the connecter to his fly line..... I thought to myself Hum......??? EGG FLY!!!! Yep, I started to kill them on an egg fly but rich didn't have on and I only had one so the action was over for him and I had another solid 1/2 hour of sweetness! The fish were amazing and the new reel on my rod was amazingly sweet. NO lie, We caught tons of giant native and hybrid fish on giant flies for over an hour and a half. The mice pics didn't turn dark, but some of the other ones were awesome!

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