Wednesday, August 19, 2009

Salt creek psychosity

I have been packing boxes like crazy for the past few days, but my wife finally gave me a kitchen pass to fish a couple hours on Salt Creek. I headed up the canyon at about 2:30 in the afternoon in my new truck (he he). I started out fishing a stretch of river that held a couple nicer fish that had previously kicked my but and won the battle. I rigged up with a rainy's hopper and below it an olive hares ear dropper about two and a half feet off the bend of the hopper hook. I yo-yo casted up stream above the riffle and let the fly drift down through the hole. I nailed a nice bow on that first cast. He so very UN-casually took the hopper off the top with a splash and a flip of his tail. After some high spirited jumps I landed him. While admiring the large amount of small, closely spaced spots and beautifully green back, I returned the fish. I slowly moved up the creek taking many browns with the occasional bow on the hopper, and even more fish on the beadhead. I love watching the hopper stop or even better, begin to race towards the underwater bank . I get some strange high on seeing my "indicator" go under. Fishing was hot and I caught a couple larger fish than usual in this small unknown secret of a stream. I had a few takes where the entire fish literally exploded out of the water for the hopper. I even had a nice golden brown chase the hopper downstream about 10-15 ft before attacking it. Fishing was dreamlike and I couldn't wipe the smile from my face that resulted from every solid set that followed a good presentation. I even found myself laughing out loud as a fish jumped and splashed, finding itself hooked. I caught a lot of fish today. In fact, I slayed em. Psychosity: definition......catching 40-50 fish in just a couple hours qualifying one as victorious. Phil won today, and he's still smiling.

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