Tuesday, August 25, 2009

The REAL Logan River

So I skipped out for a couple hours today to do some exploring. I drove about 7 or 8 miles up the canyon. I parked on the first good looking pull off and started walking down a trial towards the river. When I got there, I could see some nice looking holes. Ok..........no, they were AMAZING looking holes! Crystal clear, COLD water and a solid cobble bottom. Quite breathtaking really and I had to sit on a rock for a few minutes while I rigged to catch the moment a little. The smells, the sounds, and OH the sights were so sweet. I reached below my feet and grabbed a rock.... A monster golden stone nymph crawled quickly around. Several baetis nymphs and an assortment of other mayfly nymphs crawled quickly away. I tied on a pheasant tail with a rainbow warrior dropper. I jumped in about 20 yards below the holes and started casting. I chucked a couple short casts then, on my first good drift with the distance I was after, the pink baloondicator stopped and went under. I lifted the rod and the fish shot to my left. One headshake later that ended that...... The fish was off. I continued fishing up the river amazed at the clarity of the water and just enjoyed being out. I fished a couple more holes catching only one small small SMALL brown. I was a little disappointed, but it didn't matter and I had to get back. I made a new goal starting now to take pictures of the holes and runs where I catch fish. I think that will be a kinda cool way to capture the memory. I WILL learn this place..........

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