Monday, August 24, 2009

Logan: Land of ........trout....I think?

So we arrived in Logan on Sunday afternoon. We will be living with Jesse and Chelcie (brother and sister-in-laws) for this first week of school. (Long story.) Anyways, Jesse and I decided to walk down to the river with a spotlight and headlamps to check out what was "lurking" around the bridges and such on the lower Logan river stretches. We walked to the first bridge and looked in to see some nice 16+ inch brownies and some monster CARP! (I love to fight carp, but I hate to touch em.) We saw some nicer fish that looked promising so the next morning we were on the river with fly rod in hand ready for action. I tied on a bead hares ear with a San Juan dropper and my first cast I surrendered the entire rig to an overhanging tree! DANG!!!!!! I HATE IT WHEN I DO THAT!! He he. I re-rigged and Jesse in the meantime hooked a little whitefish on a 18 beadhead rabbit hearing device. I fished quite rigorously for the next couple hours with NOTHING when I finally spotted a nice little 12" brownie sunning and sipping. I tied on a green caddis larvae and let the drifting begin. First drift...... He ate it! But, I MISSED IT! After several unsuccessful attempts I tied on a rainbow warrior. I watched the fly drift close then..........HE SIPPED IT! BAM! Fish on! Whew! That was a long 25 minutes for a nice little................WHAT? It was a little WHITE FISH! ARGG. That took the air right out of that fun reward. Oh well. At least he put up a good fight. I visited Round Rocks fly shop afterwards and they pointed me in the right direction to the land of the cutties......That'll be the next trip........ Beetles hanging out of the lips of nice Logan River bonnie cuts. Still smilin....................

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