Monday, August 3, 2009

Southern Utah on the fly

I took the varsity scouts down to southern utah hiking/fishing/cliff jumping this last Thursday and Friday. It was a blast. We hiked Kanarravill falls and I caught a million little cutties on a foam beetle. Then we stayed at leeds creek and the boys caught 150+ crawdads in the creek. Yes, we had a serious fry. In the morning one of the boys started yelling, "There's a monster lizard that just walked off that cliff!" I walked over there and looked over the edge............and sure enough!!!!!! a GILA MONSTER! It was really sweet. I got some big gloves on and picked it up. Probably a good pound and a half of solid poisonous dragon! Awesome. We then went to sand hollow to fish and cliff jump. I threw wooly grubbers at the bass sight fishing. I hadn't seen a fish for a while so I started blind casting out into the deep. After a long cast and a long retrieve, I began to look for my grubber...... Upon spotting it, there was a monster 4+pound bass about an inch behindt he fly staring it down. One little strip/twitch and he was on!!!!!! He eventually won the battle, but I learned alot. I love to watch big bass poundin' flies...... We also had one hit a top water mouse! Sweetness. The boys caught some bass on senkos and we picked off a couple blue gill on damselfy nymphs.The cliffs at Sand Hollow were perfect for jumping and we all had a great time. We returned safely after a really fun trip. The next afternoon I ran up salt creek to see what was going on. The hoppers were out and I watched a brownie pound a live one that had fallen in. I put on a foam hopper and proceeded to catch 15 nice golden browns off the top! Fun for all ages.

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  1. Tuts!! Only a freakin stud like you would hook your finger rip it out and keep fishing. You were made for the out doors!