Monday, August 3, 2009

Idaho: Land of large fish

So there I was in Rexburg idaho on wednesday night. Rich and I went straight to the Henries Lake outlet. We proceeded to throw mice and other "tight" flies at big, beautiful, rising cutties in the darkness with only the light of headlamps.... No moon. It was amazing and on my first mousey cast the water exploded and I hooked up on a monster 21" cutt. Rich also hooked up about the same time on a white zonker and it put up a great fight. We caught about 5 each and then the fog was so bad that we decided to call it a night at about 12:30am. The crazy thing.........????.............not a single fish under 20". I love Idaho. We slept at Rich's and the next morning rich had class so I headed to the South Fork of the snake where I began nymphing with hand tied hare's ear nymphs. I picked off a few really nice browns. I hooked up on what seemed like a monster brown and after a long sustained turned into a foul hooked white fish........ :( dang. It got me excited for a minute. Oh well, Good times. Rich and I headed to salmon later that day. We slept in the back of his truck on the side of the river and at 5:00 am started casting. Right off the bat, my pole danced in my hands and I landed a small 15 inch rainbow. Wow, that really got my heart pumping! I thought I had on a salmon for a split second! After a couple hours, I set the hook on a potential bite and the 15Lb test line sang as a pacific King salmon took off with my bait. Rich scrambled for the net, but it didn't last long and the king remained king.........he got off. We weren't too sad though.......hopeful really because it was only morning and we had 2 long days to catch em...................... To make a long story short, We fished all the rest of the day for one more "bite" and no salmon. That evening we went to the hatchery up river for motivation and watched as the indians speared and snagged em in the closed to the public section of the river. (they can do what ever they want) It made me sick. After a couple more hours fishing that evening I noticed that my knee was beginning to hurt............... No I mean REALLY HURT! I took off my waders and saw that an ingrown hair on my knee had turned WAY bad and was a giant ball of puss and muck that could only mean one thing.........cellulitus. Home to Rexburg for me and a trip cut short. I visited the doctor in the morning on saturday and he gave me a monster shot and some other antibiotics. All in all. was a good trip.

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