Monday, August 3, 2009

Salt Creek hopper mania!

Last week I hit up the Provo river on the way home from work before we headed to fish Lake..... I was fishing sow bugs (the provo is also full of em) but not having much success.... I had lost a couple small browns (one on my first cast) and Joe and I started to work our way up the river........ There was a seam between a riffle and calm water and I casted my rig about 20 ft straight upstream from us and let it drift straight our way..... When my stike indicator was about 10 ft infront of us it stopped........I lifted the rod swiftly and a 20+" brown shot 3 feet straight out of the water right in front of us!!!!! It was a stinkin football of a fish! The fight was on and he headed straight for the current........30 yards of fly line later he plunged to the bottom and there he was prepared to sit out the fight. We tried everything to move him off the bottom in the swift current, but nothing worked that well. We forgot a net so to make a long story short, we tried too early to get him to shore and I lost the brute. I was sick... Oh well, good times.

Lately I have been sight fishing the creek between the first pond and the KOA with foam hoppers...........OH.........Goodness. Talk about good times! Yesterday, Joe and I went up for a couple hours before everyone got up. We had caught 20+ brownies (all aobut 10-14 inches) on the top on hoppers when we found a really nice, deep hole that looked promising. Joe casted first and nailed a monster Brownie for the stream. I casted next and my hopper landed softly up at the head and drifted down naturally through the hole, right next to the opposite overhanging bank........ suddenly a ghost of a monster RAINBOW came out from under the bank and casually slurped up the hopper off the top! I waited for him to turn back down then.............POW! I set hard and the fight was on!! Holy cow..........good times sight fishing for trout in a stream............

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